Liquored Up Cynic xx/xx/2017


Paddy Kaye is a folk musician out of Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey. His family is sometimes known as "the gypsies of Lake Hiawatha", as they spent time flipping houses while living in them from the time he was born until he was 18.

Check out his tracks here or on his soundcloud.

You can catch Paddy playing along the East coast this Fall.

Booking and other inquiries to Paddy:

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Paddy Kaye hosts Trivia @Morris Tap

Morris Tap and Grille, 10 W, Randolph

It's all music until it's fun and games?

I host trivia once a week, because who doesn't wanna go back to the glory days of teaching. Come stop out and support local breweries every week w/ trivia revolution!